Friday, March 22, 2013

Luis Dawnfinder

Hello my name as stated lots of times is Luis Dawnfinder. I do not claim to be the best, nor anywhere near it. However, I do consider myself experienced in PvP and will provide tips, information, strategies, and gear set ups for anyone trying to start PvP, or simply get better.

I am currently an Overlord on my Promethean Ice, which I have done so primarily through 1v1. I am a current member of the Panda Warriors (and loving it), and have come across many who have needed help in PvP throughout the spiral. Any constructive criticism is appreciated, but expect a counter argument lol.

Have a wonderful day and good luck!


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  1. Hello! I don't think I've seen this blog before. Are you new?
    Anyhow, my name is Destiny S. Devereaux - I'm one of the pirates in the community, better known for my blog (Destiny's Travels) and my P101 fan-fiction. I just wanted to say that I think this blog is coming along very well and that I can't wait to read more!